Visual Storytelling for NZZ

Infographics for three different stories published in NZZ’ articles.


For many stories, infographics are more powerful and effective to illustrate facts, processes or relationships compared to plain text. While in printed newspapers big infographics tend to be used as decorative elements, online graphics need to provide more story integration.


How to create an efficient infographic that works for formats to be displayed on desktop and mobile screens? Exemplary topics include Elon Musk's StarLink Internet, Napoleon’s family tree and the processes of climate change.


Since our focus was online-first, the graphics should be integrated in the (linear) story flow. That's why I not only discussed the content's visualization with editors, but also planned a reader-friendly text-graphic dramaturgy throughout the article experience.

In 2019 Elon Musk launched his first satellites to realize his internet vision called StarLink. While this isn't affecting us yet, his plan is to surround the earth with over 12k satellites. How does he plan to do that and how will this satellite internet work?


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Example family tree of Napoleon

Napoleon still has living ancestors. The grade of relativity should be laid out for the reader in a family tree also highlighting other important ancestors of Napoleon.

napoleon's family tree

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Climate Change Explainer

We have a long-form explaining Climate Change in a really structured way also mentioning basic topics like the greenhouse effect. The main task here was to use a consistent color concept throughout the article.



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